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Uttar Pradesh Gaushala Act, 1964 has been prominent for the provision of better management and control of the Goshalas in Uttar Pradesh. Its spread is in the entire state of Uttar Pradesh. According to this act, "Goshala is a charitable institution that keeps cattle animals, their rationing, For the purpose of adherence or maintenance, or for the purpose of recruiting and presenting the weak, old, indigent or patient animals, for the purpose of treatment and treatment, they are received from the police administration and received from other sources. Vacant cattle can be kept. They are established through self-help organizations through their own resources. According to the provisions of Section-04 mentioned in the Act, the trustee is appointed as a rule-manager after registration of a statement by the trustee. Goshala registration is registered in the State Goshala Register. Under the said Act, there are total 498 Goshalas registered in the State. With the prior approval of the state government, efficient technical management for the cultivation of cattle in Goshala, transporting from Goshala to any other place for the purpose of breeding bulls, rationing records in Goshala, Separation of male and female animals for the purpose of rationing and The cattle can be regulated for the medical treatment and inspection.